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Thread: shaky video and after effects help needed

  1. Default shaky video and after effects help needed

    I made a 30 mins DVD about a surgery procedures, becouse I didn't use tripods when I recorded it. The DVD looks quite shaky.

    My question is what shoud I do, using the AE to stabilize the footage then do editing again or just load DVD to AE to crorector where was needed. Computer runs very slow when AE loads 30 min DVD. If corecctor problem from aragane footage, it means a lot of work.

    I very appreciate if someone has been go through this can tell me the right way to do.


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    If you go that route I would alter the clip in AE and then export it back to your NLE for editting.

    The moption track options in AE that you can use to stabilise your movie would certainly work, however, there is a drawback to note. Effectively the effect rotates and moves the clip around in the window keeping certain track marks consistent. Seems obvious enough. However, every single move will enatil some black video showing up somewhere on one edge of the screen or another.

    How best to deal woith that will depoend entirely on how much black there is. If it;s always a thin sliver then no worries. If it's big then you end up having to digitally zpoom your clip to fil and you will lose some definition.

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