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    Well i recently got roxio easy media creator and it is very hard for me to make/edit videos because whenever i want to preview what i made in the little preview window it would always be very choppy whenever you would transitition from one cut to another, sort of like a scratched dvd. I've had the same problem with other programs and im pretty sure its because my cpu cant handle it, anyways i was wondering if theres any software out there that i could use that my cpu would be able to handle well, so that i can preview my videos without them being choppy.


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    Please read this: its 3 threads below the one you posted!!!

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    Muzzy, it's more than just what CPU you have in your system that denotes whether or not an editing program or suite will run smoothly. Editing requires each part of your system is able to perform to its requirements. This is everything from the CPU and RAM through to the GPU on your graphics card and even what sort of HDD you have installed and how they are configured.

    Something like Roxio should run on a fairly low-spec PC though (does your system meet its stated minimum requirements?)

    You mention the preview is choppy in the preview window but are you sure that's not by design? Some video editing applications (like Final Cut Pro for example) can be configured to run full frame rate no matter what, it does that through reducing the quality of the video for those clips where there are lots of effects applied until it can run it full frame. You maybe experiencing something similar. Are you sure all your effects had been rendered? Have you tried exporting your video to determine the resultant quality?

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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