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Thread: Please HELP!!"Film Editing Integrated With VFX and 3d?"

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    Default Please HELP!!"Film Editing Integrated With VFX and 3d?"

    Guys And Gals Here Pls Help me..
    As im interested and aspired to become a film editor..But i want to learn more
    other than film editing(using avid or any other software)..which can help me to make me more eligible for jobs..
    as i know learnin in Vfx compositing like after effects and combustion will be help full for editing stuff
    "But The Main Thing I Want To Know Is How Would 3ds max or Maya Help me
    In Film editing..?
    "And What Are The Things Which I could Learn In There Specially Which Would Help Me In Editing..By Not Goin Deep Inside..

    Please Give ur opinions and suggestion People

    Thanks In Advance!!!

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    Well Maya and 3dmax are modeling and animation software, so if you want to get into that, then yes you would need it. I can tell you after effects are used in more movies then combustion, shake, motion combined. Just keep in mind that its not the tool you use but "how" you use it. As far as jobs are concerned are you talking about freelance or with a company either way practice, practice, practice!! and make a demo reel and a proposal thats what they look at. good luck

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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