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Thread: newbie software recommendation for theatrical performance

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    Default newbie software recommendation for theatrical performance

    We are an ameteur drama group. We recently had a theatrical performance in which we assigned three minidv camcorders to record our performance. All three camcorders are assigned different tasks: close-ups & long shots. Now I have these tapes sitting on my desk and I need an editing program. Our goal:

    to create a video of the entire show using a combination of the three videos, all synchronized of course, ie. similar to a live sport event.

    The very key thing here is simplicity and easy learning curve, since I know absolutely nothing about editing software. My "ideal" interface would be to have all three videos playing on my screen (synchronized) at the same time and I just click on whichever screens I want to be in the final clip (similar to what a TV producer would see I guess) and have the ability to "live" click any other clips I want to be included. I don't want to mess with timeline and worry about whether one clip follows the other perfectly. I want to jump from long shots to close-ups, say, for 10 secs and jump back to the long shot at where it should be (ie. time has elapsed 10 secs) with all these done by the computer automatically. I want to synchronize all videos once (at the very beginning) and forget about the rest. Does such editing program exist? The soundtrack should be from one camera only. Would you recommend anything?
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    Adobe premier pro2 go download it now!

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    What you describe is exactly what the Multicam feature in Premiere Pro 2 and CS3 does (although most of the best edit programs will do it).

    I use CS3 for editing AmDram shows shot on 2 HDV cameras. You can see your synchronized clips playing side by side in the Multicam monitor - you just click on the clip you want to switch to. If you get it wrong you can adjust the edit points manually afterwards and add dissolves if you want.

    Trouble is, the words 'simplicity' and 'easy learning curve' cannot be applied to the heavyweight edit programs if you are a beginner - you need to put in a lot of learning time to do the simple stuff even before you try multicam. But don't let me put you off - its how we all started and we are here to help.

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    Thanks, so "multicam" is the feature I need to look for. Does Adobe Premiere elements have that feature? What other entry-level editing software (less than US$200) have similar features?

    I am a bit surprised by your statement about the "learning curve." I assume the reasons must be beyond my comprehension but I thought the way I described the "multicam" could not get any simpler - I thought it's a matter of clicking on the 3 clips to have them open at the same time, slide them back and forth along the timeline so they synchronize, pick an audio track out of one of them to be used, then just jump back and forth between clips to come up with the final video. Is that how it works (please pardon my naive statement) could you elaborate a bit more on learning the "other" stuff first before using multicam?

    I don't really need to do much special effect of fancy stuff.

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    With advanced software like Premiere pro, vegas, final cut ec.. there is a high learning curve. They all use diffrent terminology, layers, masking, mattes, keying, key framing ec... Think of it this way doctors don't just pick up a knife and start carving on someone, Pilots don't jump in to a plane and fly. They needed to learn first.

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    I agree with your analogy, which applies to most things in life. However my plan is to do the "Rosetta Stone" route - if you have to go to a foreign country (say Italy) for a month or so, you certainly don't need to master the language but only enough to get you through the basic needs. If you don't make much mistakes along the way, it should be fine. A majority of a pilot's or a doctor's training is to account for the unpredicatability of real life circumstances and they are life/death issues. I have no aspiration (at this point) to be a proficient editor, I just want to produce a video of our performance.

    In any case, if "multicam" is a feature reserved for higher end products (ie. anything above US$1000) than I am out of the market even though I am willing to spend time to learning the basics. Still don't undertsand why it should be that way.

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    I think some companies make things harder then they have to, That way it seems more "Pro" Personaly I find Sony vegas just as good as premiere pro but easier to learn. Vegas dose not have multicam but I don't think its something you have to have, its nice to use though. If multicam is something you feel you realy need there is scripts for it, so you can get the feature for vegas. Personally I just sync everything up on the timeline and edit that way, it takes a bit more time but I feel I learn more. You can get vegas 6 for $100-150 on ebay since version 7 came out 6 has droped in price.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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