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Thread: Big dvd project question

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    Default Big dvd project question

    I own a new sports company and we are going to offer video's of local games. I just signed a contract with a tv company in the area, and they will give me all their content that they produce, as well as the past 3 years productions.

    They have the last 3 years on dvd for me. There are around 240 videos, and each is anywhere from 2 hours to 3 hours. I need a way to rip those (they are not css encrypted) to an avi, and then put them in sorenson squeeze. What kind of avi file sizes am i looking at (quality is not an issue, as this will be web streaming.

    Also, what kind of file size can I get for standard 320 x 240 flv, at 2.5hrs....


    Ryan Grewell
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    Digital Video for the Web

    Read this! it took about 2 min to find. Google is a wonderful thing and its availible to every one.
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