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Thread: Sony DCR-HC14E keeps "loosing" connection to PC while capturing

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    Exclamation Sony DCR-HC14E keeps "loosing" connection to PC while capturing

    I am new! (apparently )

    I registered because I saw you have some excellent topics and good answers to a lot of problems and I would appreciate it if you could help me out.

    I have a Sony DCR-HC14E camera (miniDV) and my PC runs Windows Vista. All my programs and hardware have updated drivers.
    The problem I am about to describe occurs both with Nero Vision and with Movie Maker:

    I connect my camera to my PC via the Firewire and it works great. It finds the camera, installs the drivers... excellent.

    I start Nero (or Movie Maker) and I can see that the PC can control the camera (i.e. it rewinds the tape). I start capturing. It captures for maybe 10 seconds and then I get a message that the connection was "lost". As I've said this happens regardless of which program I use.

    It also "advises" to check the camera settings... hmmm... which settings?

    Help! What do I do?
    Of course while the message pops up I haven't touched the camera, battery is fully charged etc. The camera keeps rolling on with the playback even when the connection is severed.

    To note this exact problem happened before when I was running Windows XP a year ago. I remember vaguely I fixed it but I will be damned if I remember how I did it. I only remember it was with Movie Maker.

    ETA: I just realised that this is happening because Windows starts looking for a driver for my camera. It already has one and it works fine. So every 10 seconds, it shuts down the camera, looks for a driver and then you have to start all over. I can't understand why its looking for a driver it already has found 10 seconds ago and how to stop it!

    Any help is of course *very* much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance for your time.
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    Do you have any other software running at the same time as you are capturing? Do you have any anti virus software, screensavers, schedueled tasks running? Suspend or disable these if any are running during capture and do you have any reports of software or hardware conflicts? Have you tried connecting up a second camcorder and see if it behaves in the same manner?

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    Hi, thanks for the reply.
    The answer is that no I had my antivirus turned off, all other programs were closed (although I have more than enough memory and no conflicts at all, all drivers are up to date and compatible with my Vista etc).

    I did try it on one of other PCs though that have a different Firewire and it worked great with that one. My Firewire card is a Pinnacle ... apparently it doesn't like my Sony. The Firewire in my other PC is a built in so... go figure.

    Its capturing great now!
    Thanks for answering!
    Have a great day!

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