Hey Guys :

After Importing a Video (captured in Pinnacle Studio) - which is about 14.2 GB - Premiere Pro 2 will "Generate a Peak File"

I've done this twice now and each time it takes forever. The first time, I left it overnight to complete the task, but, this second time it's 3.5hours and it's not even half way through !

Firstly, is this "typical" for Premier Pro 2 ? Does it always take this long ?
I cannot imagine a professional, who is on-the-clock, having to wait for a Peak File to be generated. No one would tolerate such a waste of time in a Post Studio.

I Googled this issue and found others that thought that Premiere Pro 2 has "frozen" or "hangs." It could be that PP2 is actually doing something, but, it takes soooo long that people think that it's frozen.

Why wouldn't Adobe place this task in the background, so people can start working on their project immediately ?