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Thread: Weird black dust spots inside DCR-TRV340E lens

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    Exclamation Weird black dust spots inside DCR-TRV340E lens

    I own a Sony DCR-TRV340E Video Camera and recently I encountered a strange dust problem. About 4 small black spots that look like dust are inside the lens. Here:
    First I thought its simple dust, so I tried to cleanup external side of lens. When nothing changed and I still could notice same black spots on the filming than I realised its inside not outside the lens that dust is.
    Any ideas anyone how I could cleanup those spots? As they ruin anything I film… because they are seen right in the middle of screen.
    Thanks much in advance.
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    I was using a shoulder mounted Panasonic camcorder a few years ago, owned by a local college and a speck of dirt somehow got inside the camcorder and made its way onto the lens. There was nothing to do but send it off for repair (i.e. remove the lens hood, the lens assembly and take the lens out and clean the speck off).

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