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Thread: Who leads? Video or Audio?

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    Default Who leads? Video or Audio?

    The phrasing of this post got me to wondering...

    I'm not thinking the author has things backwards or anything like that bit the question is phrased along the lines of fitting the video to match to audio, i.e. laying video on top of the audio.

    I suspect most here (myself very much included) would tend to think the other way around i.e. of placing audio on top of their video.

    Depends what I'm doing of course but I'll often choose some music (that conveys the right mood I want) and then attempt to edit my movie scenes to it, but i'll likely still tend to refer to teh video being the driver.

    Strange that we often say the opposite of what we might naturally do isn't it?

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    At time I edit the video to the music, but again there a music video. As a generial rule I edit the music to fit.

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