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    would you settle for vhs quality?

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    As the man says, you're gonna be constrained by at least your input quality . With a reasonably powerful PC, you can achieve "perfect" copies of VHS without buying additional hardware. For analogue video capture, I use the video-in connection of my graphics card (a now ageing Asus VS9280) combined with virtualdub. As I very rarely edit the footage, I normally capture straight to the destination format - either Xvid or MPEG2. If your having problems, try reducing the framesize etc...

    I'd take a look at the hardware you've got now and try again. You'll probably be impressed with the results!

    Additionally, if you've got a DV camcorder, think about using this as an analogue to digital converter. But if you really do want to spend some money, go for something like the canopus ADVC50. I found this here and here for less than 200.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prodan_d
    oops, was it something i said?

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    Er, that's a bit wierd

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    I've made a new thread explaining myself better.

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    Would have preferred you to have asked me to close the thread, but no problem. I've posted an answer in the new one...

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