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Thread: Capturing at once a tape with blank parts

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    Default Capturing at once a tape with blank parts


    I´ve got a tape with, say, 4-5 short blank sections in it. Have to admit Premiere Pro CS3 is pretty annoyin´ cos´ everytime encountering a blank section during capture it stops capture ("capture stopped because blank tape was detected").

    Is there some way of just capturing the whole tape at once, ignoring blank sections?

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    It doesn't sound like it's premiere's fault. Check for this, it sounds like the problem.

    If you capture to tape you create time code on that tape, if you then stop, create a blank space on the tape, and capture again you again create time code again.

    Only it's the same time code, you have, for e.g more than one section of 00:00:00:00 - 00:04:45:19 time code on the tape.

    When this happens you get all sorts of problems with capturing, along with the video the software also captures the time code information. So it wants to capture the same information for two separate video clips.

    When batch capturing this is when the problem is most obviously a problem. When trying to capture straight through it like you are then there is nothing there for it to capture at all.

    If you look at the timer on the camera as you play through the clips and see if this is what is happening then that is your problem. You can't do anything about it this time other than capture the separate clips individually and manually.

    For future reference you want to stripe the tape before use it....
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    ...stick the tape in the camera, put the lens cap on, start it recording and let it go through the complete tape.

    This puts time code information, from start to finish, with no breaks ready for later use. That way when your using it you don't need to worry about getting repeat time code information, you can have breaks between clips and they will have time code (they will have video of a lens cap too).

    If your careful to never leave any gaps between clips you can record to a tape straight away without striping it and create a continuous time code track as you go. For the sake of an hour when your doing nothing anyway it's nice to be safe though, and you only have to do it to the tape once from new.

    It's a bit of a pain but it's nothing compared to the old analogue control track problems that pre-deceded time code tracks.

    Hope it's useful information.

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    I got it, thanks a lot for helping!

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