I own a new upcoming sports website in the usa. It is going to focus on local highschool sports (i'm in an area where people are like rabbid animals when it comes to highschool sports) We just signed a contract with a local television station. They are going to supply us with 90+ game video's from this years season, from basketball to basketball, to football. They have live broadcast on the television, but its a very limited area that they are broadcasted to (just one provider has an agreement to them)

I am going to capture their live feed into a computer at my nock (I work for a server and hosting company) and then hook up to the server using a gigabite nic. The computer needs to just be sitting there capturing at scheduled times. It will use sorenson squeeze to convert to an flv. I need to know what kind of capture card you would suggest (obviously needs to be NTSC), do you know of any solution that will let me capture and convert at the same time for live feed purposes.


(sorry about the wall of text)