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Thread: Dropped frames again

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    Default Dropped frames again

    Thanks for posting the "shooting guide" on the site, very useful. Hope you can help me? New to camcorders.... Just bought a JVC GR-D760EK mini DV with a DV cable. I am trying to edit some motocross footage on my PC using Windows Movie Maker, for now.
    However, I keep geting dropped frames. My first attempt was saving the file as wmv, then as DV AVI (file size 1215Mb), but the problem is still there.
    Is it my PC that is too slow or should I try some different editing software? I'm at the budget end of the spectrum, so can't shell out for a full on Adobe set up.
    My laptop is a Pentium Centrino M730 processor with 2Mb L2 cache, 1.6Ghz, 533 Mhz FSB. The video is PCI Express with 64Mb VRAM. I also have 512Mb DDR. Many thanks. (At last, I think I've found the right posting site, sorry)

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    It is normal to get a few dropped frames per tape. More than a few (10 ish) may indicate the heads need a clean.

    Dropped frames can also occur during capture. Ideally you should capture whilst leaving the pc alone and with it not running other apps. Dropped frames occur when the processor is running at 100%. Next time you capture open the task manager and see wht the processor usage is. If it is near 100% then reduce the size of the capture window and ensure nothing else is using the pc heavily.

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