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    Talking Illusion

    Help here guys.I want to create an illusion of someone crawling out of a tv.Can this be acheived in vegas6?Please assist.Appreciate

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    Yes. In fact any NLE that supports Chroma-keying.

    OK, this shot is ALL in the planning.

    I'd shoot the TV and lounge setting and then in a convenient place, I'd paint the edges of "hole" or drape green screen cloth over a structure allowing, my actor to crawl through the "hole".

    I'd then CK out the green and substitute the TV and any other "lounge" shot.

    The real planning would be in just how MUCH of the TV video is needed to be seen so that it looks realistic.

    As I said ALL of this is in the planning and not with the NLE.

    Alternatively there is the 2 Cats Approach that uses the Difference Fx. But this would be good for "plano" type flat layers - it's the 3-d component of crawling TOWARDS the camera that is gonna give you grief.

    For Diff FX Search in this forum. We covered this couple weeks back?

    Others will have others thoughts ..

    Nice project!!


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