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Thread: Help! problems importing dvd files

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    Default Help! problems importing dvd files

    Hi Im new to the world of video editing so excuse my lack of knowledge.

    We recently purchased Sony Vegas Movie studio platinum to re edit a video.

    I copyed the original cut to the harddrive and was able to use it fine. (as far as I can tell)

    Did the same with the original footage, tried to use it and ran into problems.
    The footage was captured from mini dv to dvd professionally and play in windows media player ( though I had to select media player from a list of programs as the computer could not identify the file type)

    When I drag a file (about 1 GB in size) onto the timeline, it only shows up as a minute or so long, seems to be heaps missing.
    Also the associated audio track seems to be from a different part of the shoot and does not match.

    The pictures on the time line only match with the picture that is playing if it actually starts playing from that point. ie the timeline shows images from other scenes but the current scene has not ended.
    Also if I start playing from a different point, it may start at a different scene...which makes no sence because there was different footage showing last time the cursor was in the exact same position.

    I have no idea what is going on.

    Can anyone shed some light on my situation?

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    When you say dragged, do you mean the VOB from the DVD?

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    Turns out it was the way I was importing it. I shouldbe going file-import-capture camcorded dvd etc. It converts it mpeg2 properly.
    Though I now have more problems:

    Worked fine on the first dvd of footage, can edit and so on without any problems.
    The second dvd is a different story, I go through the same process just when it starts actually copying the files, an error message comes up : An error occured during the curent operation. An exception has occured.
    I then click the ok button and movie studio closes, no files in the destination I have chosen.
    Seems like this may be a problem with the actual disk as I have done it with a couple others and they work fine. But I can play this dvd in media player just like the is something on it just not compatible with media player? do I have to take the tape in to get captured again?
    The other problem is the sound is no longer working during playback. I must have changed some setting during my messing round. There is a sound level showing up on the master mixer but nothing on the preview. So there is sound playing but not coming out of the program? I have tried to find a way to fix it but I have no idea. Im pretty sure sampling rates etc are correct. any ideas?
    Thanks for your help, I suspect this wont be the last time I will post here...

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    Hello Ambient

    First, I would try Download DVD Shrink - DVD Shrink - A FREE software to backup DVD disks ! - Softpedia, It's free and creates a VOB copy of your disk but you can select the sections you want, rather than the whole disc.

    Once you've captured your sections, you can rename the VOB files MPG and edit them in Vegas.

    The sound disapearring could be a bug in Windows Media Player, try restarting Windows and see if it comes back.


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    I have been trying to import some footage that is in mpeg2 from dvd into movie studio.
    The 1st dvd worked fine (only when going: file->import->from dvd camcorder etc).
    When using he same method with the second dvd, as soon as the program starts the copy, the program shuts down with the message "An error occured. An Exception has occured"
    I thought the problem must be with the disc itself or the files on it so it was taken back to the shop that captured it from mini DV. According to the guy at the place, the files are fine but the two dvds were captured on two different machines so the codec stuff could be slightly different..hence the problems.
    Is there any programs I can download (free??) or anything I can do within vegas? Also the computer running movie studio does not go on the internet so could it be lack of updates?
    Thanks for your help, I'm pretty sure the best footage is on the dvd I can't get to! Damn murphy.

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    As I said, use DVD Shrink


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    Sorry mate forgot to say. Yea I tried the dvd shrink thing didn't work. All it seemed to do was backup the original with files with the same problems...well I couldn't get it to work...maybe I did something wrong?

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    If you rename the backup VOB files to MPG, they should import directly onto Vegas.

    Does the DVD play in a normal player?


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    apparently they are already mpeg2. I can get it to play in windows media player though it would not recognise it without me telling it too...if that makes sense. (i had to choose media player from a list of programs, when windows doesn't know what program to use to open a file)
    I haven't tried putting it in a standard dvd player thats not in a computer, will try that tomorrow.

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    Hello Ambient

    Unfortunately saying it's MPEG2 is a bit like trying to get a car part and saying it's a Vauxhall. Yes, but which Vauxhall

    Without the information on the type of MPEG from mediainfo, it's very difficult to say what the problem may be.


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