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Thread: Best Vegas compatible videocamera

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    Smile Best Vegas compatible videocamera

    im not looking for something too expensive, i just want a medium range cammcorder, like between 600-800, it can be mini dv, or hdd, as long as its vegas compatible. I need something with great image quality for the price

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    I don't think there's such thing as a special Vegas cam - as long as the camera doesn't use some wacky form of encoding.

    DV tape is your best bet for "great image quality for the price" as long as you capture the footage as DV AVI - i.e. no compression.
    Tape is so cheap and better quality than HDD, which encodes the video as MPEG2 (well, most do) so you already lose some quality - although this is probably negligible for most consumers.

    I personally like Canon DV cams, although that's just from experience.


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