Hi All,
I'm fairly new to video editing, and completely new to this forum!
I've been playing with video editing for about a year now and want to move from the playing legue to more professional. I have been using adobe premier pro 1.5 and have just purchased adobe premiere CS3 along with Encore DVD CS3, i've also just finished building my new pc, a quad core with 4gb of ram and a NVidia 8800GTs card, but could really do with some help on the hard drive setup. Here is what i've got to play with, i'm happy to use all of them or leave some out, the MB supports RAID in format 0 / 1 / 5 / 0+1:
4 x WD 500Gb SATA 16mb Cache
2 x WD 250Gb SATA 16mb Cache
Many thanks for your support and advice in advance