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Thread: Canon XH-A1 New User Hint

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    Default Canon XH-A1 New User Hint

    I found this forum looking for a solution to what turned out to be a really stupid problem.

    I took delivery of my new Canon XH-A1 today, quickly popped in a tape and started shooting. Wasn't I surprised when I captured my footage and it was literally FULL of all kinds of noise! I could not believe that I had gotten the one with the bad CCDs!


    Turn the worthless thing off and leave it that way. If it has a legitimate purpose, I can't imagine what it might be. I do know it will introduce all kinds of noise into your footage -- unless you're shooting in total auto mode.

    Now that I've found the forum, I may return with real questions at some point in time. Looks like a great place for answers.

    P.S. Once I turned off the AGC, my footage was FABULOUS!

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    Just bought an XHA1 too and had a quick look at it next to my old XM1.
    First thing I noticed is the construction materials of the new one that appear so flimsy and even when tapping on it, it feels like a toy. Hope the inside is better!!!
    I plugged them both in to the SX84 of my VT4 under indoors-natural light and immediately noticed a fair amount of video noise coming from the XHA1, which is not present when I switch to the XM1.
    I guess thatís what youíve got from yours
    Did not fiddle with anything as I had no time jet but I wonder if the XHA1 is less sensitive thus needing more light or more gain by comparison.
    Now the AGC is off and I'll test it again tomorrow.

    Thanks for the tip.


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