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    Is there any program that is speedy with this aspect of getting ready to burn to DVD. I use Pinnacle 9 and have no trouble with gremlins as I did with Studio 8, so am loathe to change but it would be nice to reduce the 5 hours of formatting per 1hr of finished video. Obviously I would prefer to stay within the Pinnacle sort of budget. Any helpful advice appreciated, thankyou.

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    I tend to use Magix Edit Pro 11 and up. Its much more versatile than Pinnacle. Instead of two video tracks and two audio tracks, Magix gives you 16 of your choice. As for exporting It tends to run a little faster than pinnacle too. The problem is, most to all programs will have a long wait time because its compressing and converting footage. There really exists no 'quick DVD burner' program, you just have to find the right one you like.
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