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Thread: vegas-changing time for still photos

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    Default vegas-changing time for still photos

    Okay so I am making a slide show of stills, but is there a way in vegas 6 to set it where all the photos have a time of 4 sec instead of 5 sec instead of changing every one manually?


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    Go into the properities and change the still photo length

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    . .hmmm...

    OK, decker, you are already AT the timeline, you are already working through your project and you wish to CHANGE your already imported stills.

    This is a frequently asked question - one word SCRIPTING.

    These Vegas scripts automate previously time consuming manual activities - and this is exactly WHY Vegas shines. We have many many FREE scripts available to us. Created by truly awesome people!!

    Plus: AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE a programmer to use 'em! I ain't and I DO use 'em!!!

    And for your particular wishes, you will need Johnny (Roy) Rofrano's "Set Event Length And Crossfade" script. You will need to get to the site and register and get this free download.

    The value with this is that

    * YOU select just those events you want to re-size

    * YOU can also set IF you want a crossfade and of what duration

    * It will automatically "bunch-up" the stills if you make then small than the original AND it will spread them out if you;ve made them BIGGER than the original

    * It will also tell you just how many events it has affected.

    * PLUS you don't have to break apart your project and RE-IMPORT your stills, just to get the stills of the length you want. Oh, and then what would happen if you change your mind again? Re-import them again? No. Use this script - it is brilliant!!

    While you are "rummaging" about for scripts and so on do do also visit Edwards Troxel's :: Index - here is a further wealth of scripting value.

    Have fun!!


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    Oh, I just tested it for you!

    I just adjust 58 "mixed-length" stills to 35 seconds duration. It did it on a mouse click!! DONE!! - I set the crossfade to ZERO, all the stills expanded and are nicely placed edge-to-edge.

    . . and I still have my default Import set at 5 seconds too.


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    Default ok

    got it, thanks much!

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