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    Can i edit video from the web and how do i get the programs like a free trial or something. What are the good programs?

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    You can edit any video you have specific permission to edit. If you download someone else's work from the 'net re-edit it and re-post it then the original authors of the work would have every right to 'take you to task' over it.

    Whether you can physically edit it is another matter. All depend on the type of video file and the s/w you have and whether the two are compatible.

    As to s/w itself. Check the following:

    * Adobe and look for Premiere Pro
    * Sony Creative Software - Vegas+DVD, Vegas Movie Studio, and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition and look for Vegas
    * Pinnacle Systems, the leader in video editing, TV tuners for the PC, and digital media adapters and look for Pinnacle Studio
    * Ulead Systems and look for visual studio
    * and look for Windows Movie maker

    I suspect most willoffer a free trial. But if you are running Windows XP then you already have the last one

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    I dont have a dv cameraim going to use a digital camera totake video.About the streets of Ontario,CA the streetracers!


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