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Thread: Meet Steve Documentary full/free download!

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    Default Meet Steve Documentary full/free download!

    After some positive feedback on the trailer topic...

    Marc Peters now hosts a 28mb complete version of Meet Steve available for free download.
    Check out

    If you would like to find out more about the film or watch the trailer before downloading the big file, visit

    It's my first film, an 11-minute documentary, and I would love to get feedback from anyone who sees it. Please post comments on this forum or email them from my website.

    A big thank you to Marc for encoding and hosting.

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    Absolutely superb!

    Well Scripted
    Well Shot
    Well Edited

    Especially when you consider that 'documentary' is probably one of the most difficult techiques to present, and one of the easiest to make a mess of, then this is, frankly, a work of art.

    You should consider presenting this professinally.

    Well done!
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