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    Perhaps someone can tell me if this notion I heard is accurate: I was told to convert my mp3 recordings to .wav format before doing all my editing as I can save the .wav file as often as I like whtout any loss of audio quality. Is this so, or can I simply save edited mp3 files to a new file (rather than overwriting) without loss of quality? I am recording at 128kbps and editing down to 96kbps (for audio podcasts done through Skype).

    Using Cool Edit Pro and Audacity.


    Dan Rowden

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    The thing here is that MP3 is a compressed format and WAV files are not. Certainly I would agree to always edit using an uncompressed format for best results.

    However, if your original is an MP3 then converting to WAV will not gain any quality because it's already gone from being an MP3 file.

    I know at least one app that doesn't work well with MP3 and so would suggest converting then but generally I would suggest taking that conversion step only if a test case proves to make life easier for you. Your pareticular app may happen to work better wiht an uncompressed format so 'render' times might decrease if you do convert to WAV so there may be a benefit.

    That's my 2p

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    What Alan says is correct...Once its .MP3 the .WAV quality is gone.WAV is better of course.
    But if MP3 its always better to Have your MP3 Files 192kbps.
    I'm a New guy to Camcorders but am not new to Music production,So if you guys want to do some Music Editing with great capabilities and don't want to spend money then download Reaper Music editing software.. REAPER its great for Mixing songs,making for own tracks etc etc..
    If money isn't an issue then go for Ableton Live 6 Home which is what i use....Its amazing. There are also loads of Tutorials for new users Tutorials
    **EDIT** oh yeah buy the way..If you don't have a soundcard that has ASIO drivers (Which means it can Play multiple sound files at the same time effortless) then download the Asio for all Drivers for your soundcard ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver
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    Not sure what your recording hardware is but for the best quality (for audio or video) always try to use the least compressed format during all editing and only compress when you render.

    I dont suppose that it will make much difference when rendering to lwoish bit rate mp3 but if you can record your original recording as a wav - not a mp3.


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