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    Talking Freezing Time

    Hi guys
    Need help pleeease.I want to create an effect where by the actor has frozen everybody else in the scene except for himself.How can I achieve this in vegas?Ideas and methods will be appreciated.

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    Chromakey the actor - actor on green screen, take still of people and use as background.

  3. Default to make effect even more realistic...

    after doing that you could add a vegas color effect to make it look like they are litterly "frozen" in time!

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    It would look better masked instead of chromakey. Lock off the camara film the group first, then film the guy by himself with out moving the camara, then put each clip on separate timelines, and mask the guy out of the one clip. Look at video copilot to get an idea ( they use AE, but the method is the same)

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    That's a great clip as are all his other's.

    The difference here is the man is moving, depending on the amount of movement masking the man would be difficult.

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    is there away to freeze time completely, like pause for awhile while an audiotrack plays. Like for example, someone shoots someone, then a monologue comes on, "things were just about to go from bad to worse" then, time starts up again?

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    You can do all this with a velocity envelope in the full Vegas, in Movie Studio it's not available and a work around is used.

    1st Option

    The velocity envelope is straight forward by inserting 4 anchor points
    1 Place anchor at point you want time to freeze leave at 100% (right click on anchor to edit)
    2 Place another straight after 1st, right click on anchor and select "Set to" change to 0%
    3 Place another anchor point where you want time to start again "Set to" 0%
    4 Place another anchor point straight after, right click and "Set to" 100%

    You will have to stretch media to accommodate freeze using this technique. (see image)

    2nd Option

    Place curser over point you want time to freeze and split the media (S on keyboard) then use "Save Snapshot to File", this is above the Preview window. Move media at the split and insert the image you have just saved (drag out to length of freeze time)
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