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    Talking Im New

    Im new where do i start? I like the thought of making videos i really dont know anything i want to know the basics! cmon

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    Get yourself a DV camera, the sort that take small tapes, shoot some stuff and try out windows moviemaker ans its free with XP. Then fiddle and learn. Expand your question for specifics.

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    Would a digital camera that takes video work? What would a good dv camera at a good price cost? Im in California ,US

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    Still camaras are not the best. A 1ccd mini dv camara would cost you under $500, You might pick up a used one for 200-300, look on ebay.

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    I dont have nothing but im desperate to edit video can i just edit from videos from the web? If so what program and where can i download it on limewire?


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