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    Unhappy Rant & Rave

    I have been video editing for some years now and I can honestly say I have never had a quality burn yet. All I want is the same sort of picture quality as transferring a camera to VHS tape (25fps).
    Having used Ulead and Pinnacles software I settled with magimix a couple of years back. My pc is top spec and clean as a whistle from graphics to the audio card.
    My cameras are analogue although I borrowed a sony digital recently. The end result is always not good. Should I just accept that unless I spend thousands on new kit my results will be just the same.
    I have a couple of theories on achieving lossless picture quality but I don’t wanna spend the money on testing it out.
    1: Record analogue footage to a DVD recorder and load in the disc to my PC, then output the edited result through tv card back to DVD recorder.
    2: Bite the bullet and buy a Digital camera, download footage, edit it. Upload footage back to camera then record from camera to DVD recorder. OK I wont have the menus but who cares.

    Why have the talent when your tools wont work…..

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    I have to confess to being a little puzzled by this post.

    It sounds like you want to achieve the level of quality you have got from recording your analogue camera to a VHS tape and cannot get it. Is that right?

    My immediate (and glib) response to that would be something along the lines of "Cripes! I can't imagine anyone willing to accept the bad quality of VHS in this day and age because it's just not good enough to deliver to anyone".

    And because of that immediate reaction I can only presume that your workflow is flawed if you cannot even get this level of quality from your editting system.

    Perhaps if you care to write down (in more detail) you exact workflow including details of how you connect your camera to PC, using what type of lead and input devices (if any) and we should be able to help you along.

    Certainly there is no need to take the convoluteds route you seem to be taking to create a DVD. you may simply need a better s/w package but creating a DVD with menus from your editor timeline should take ten minutes + burn time.



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    Hi and thanks for looking at my post.
    My cameras are a panasonic vhs-c, a hI-8 SANYO and a Sony TRV260. The formats are a mixture of pal and NTSC. My pc spec is AMD 2412mhz processor. Radeopnx550 graphics card. Haupauge video capture card.
    A creative Audgy2 ZS audio card vith firewire socket. DVD writer is made by Benq. I store my MPeg2 files on an external 300gb hard drive. Editing software is either Ulead or Magix movie 10plus.
    When I transfer analogue footage I either use s-video or composite, depends which camera I work with. The Digi camera I use the firewire lead going into the back of the creatives board.
    When I capture video I use bottom field deinterlace for digital and top for analogue.
    I burn my dvds at the slowest speed I can set it to.
    If I want one project on a disc I burn with Magix. If I want several projects on one disc I export each file as Mpeg2 then use either nero dvd creator or ulead.
    Hope this info helps someone to help me.
    The picture quality I always get is not poor its just grainy with no gloss to it,if you get my meaning.


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