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    Hello I am new to this place. I find myself doing alot of editing and technical stuff, but it is all rather a bit rough round the edges and usually stuff from gigs so there isn't much room for playing around with footage. Anyway I did this edit of some super 8 footage I was asked to put to a music track and just was wondering what you all think?

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    Super 8 film has a lovely aesthetic and, when used in a considered way, really can make a music video into something special. However it's not a "magic bullet" and using S8 alone won't make a good video.
    Lot's of poor stuff, out of focus shots, shaky stuff at the end of a zoom etc. etc. It's the sort of footage which would be dismissed as "home-movies" if it were shot on video, and the same applies to super 8. The qualities of super 8 can often cover up badly shot footage but not in this case. On a few shots there's a "hair" in the gate. Unexcusable, get used to checking the gate every time you put a new cartridge in.

    I would suggest you get a small dv camcorder and muck about with that (a lot cheaper per minute than super 8 ) and develop an eye for what moving images can do. You've got imagination and an appreciation of the image, but you need to get subjectivity.

    Sorry to be so negative, especially as I really love to see super 8 being kept alive but, from the quality of the footage, you've still got a long way to go. I really suggest that you do more with video. From the appearance of this footage, it could have been shot on video and then given the super 8 "look" in post production. It was only the "hair in the gate" which gives away the original material. By learning about the material's limitations you can use them to your advantage and really make something different (although Super 8 is actually becoming almost passe in music videos.).
    Nice exposure and transfer though.
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    I did not actually film the footage but I will try to pass your comments to those responsible. I have never had a close up look at a super 8 camera, I thought the "hair" was a crack. It is very much filmed in a "home movie" style with the shakey camera and lack of focus at times, but that is because that is exactly what it is. I would expect the footage to grate on the proffesional eye just slighty, because of this. I think that this "style" of filming may add to the dreamlike qualities of the video, that allong with my sloppy editing, not quite in time with where a cut in scene would be expected.

    There are some quite beautiful scenes in this film, the shot with the riders on the motorbikes and the sunrise at the end. I am also particularly pleased with how the timing of the music and the moment where the kitten on the bannisters looks away (accidentally done I might add). I am not so pleased with the length of the first shot of the kitten. I should not have been so hasty to but it up like that, but I was very excited!

    I hope to do some more editing with more usual footage (not shakey and in focus) in the future if I can get a minute. I am not too keen on actually filming myself (I much prefer doing stills, but that kind of thing is for another forum I think)

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