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Thread: Problems with DCR-TRV19E digicam still

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    Default Problems with DCR-TRV19E digicam still

    Okay, went out and purchased Pinnacle Studio V 11 which is vista compatible. Installed it, switched on Camera and am still getting the message that no driver has been found for my hardware and that Pinnacle Studio can not detect my camera.

    Am now at the point of wanting to scream, having just wasted 40. Does anyone have any ideas. Have downloaded the old driver from sony but is not recognising it. The shop I brought the software from said that Vista would automatically detect my driver, which its not. Am connecting using a USB cable, the computer is detecting the camera when its turned on as it says it can't find the driver.

    Am going around in increasingly vicious circles here. HELP!! Sony have said to buy a third party software but were not 'obliged' to tell me which. Hoping someone has same camera and can help me out of this situation. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravelBug View Post
    Am connecting using a USB cable,
    This is a miniDV camera right? The above comment is your problem. No drivers are needed but you MUST connect the camera to your PC via a firewire (or i-Link) connection to capture the video footage properly.

    The camera will not likely come with a firewire lead but they are cheap enough. Also, your PC maynot have a firewire port. Also, these are cheap and take five minutes to install.

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    thanks will sort out a firewire lead etc.

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