Im a cameraperson with a TV network. I recently bought a Dell M65 laptop (recommended by avid website) with Avid xpress ProHD 5.2.1 loaded on it. Yesterday, I tried to do my 1st project with it and it turn out to be a nightmare! First of all, when I captured my footage from a Sony PD 170, the image did not appear on the capture screen. When I tried to playback the car scenes that I shot, the sound was all right but picture was frozen on the source monitor. However, it appeared normal on my camera screen. Please enlighten me on what corrections I need to do to make it right. Thanks. (My specs for M65: Intel core 2 duo 2GHz. HDD SATA 7200rpm. RAM 2GB. Graphics NVIDIA FX 350M driver version 83.1.3 and QT player version 7.2 OS windows XP Pro SP2). cheers

Best regards