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Thread: Videos playing choppin in vegas??

  1. Default Videos playing choppin in vegas??

    When I got to edit the videos, if I dont use filters or anything else it plays smooth
    and fine, but when I add filters and pan and crop stuff, it plays choppy!!

    Does that mean my computer sucks? probably, but need more ram or something?

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    Please supply PC spec? My thoughts are that you will must likely have enough. More RAM often ISN'T the solution. How much and how quick is it? And yes, FXs will have an effect on your previewing. I suppose you have experimented with the variations of Previewing?

    Other things that can impinge on Previewing are running programmes that are needing real time scanning: Anti Virus s/w; Downloading; Spyware scanners etc etc . .

    Let's see your system specs first of all, including your free space on system hard drive.


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    same thing has happened to me... just go into a crappier preview mode and dont worry it doesnt effect the final product

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    Yes - a dropping frame rate is normal in preview and as suggested just drop the quality. Also if you have enough ram (2 gig up) you can prerender looped areas to ram to check progress quickly when preview stutters. Its under 'tools'.

    If you want a faster preview make sure the project properties are the same as the media you are editing.

    A faster cpu is really the only way to vastly improve matters. I am saving for a quad core.

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