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Thread: PC to VCR/TV with AV Cable

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    Exclamation PC to VCR/TV with AV Cable

    Hi guys,
    I am new at this, and just may be, there's a way to do it. What I am trying to accomplish is, display whatever stuff that you see in the PC monitor in my TV/VCR using a AV-Cable (Red, White, Yellow).

    In the back of my Nvidia graphics card, there's the composite cable line, and TV Out.

    So what I did, using the AV Cable, plugged one end at the back of my PC, and the other end in my VCR. But, it doesn't display anything :(.

    Is there anyway I could get it fixed?

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    you need to go into the display properties and tell it to display on the tv.

    If however you are using dual monitors you cannot use the tv as well. It will only work with 2 devices - a monitor and a tv or 2 monitors not 2 monitors and a tv

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