Hi all, first time poster here, and I was hoping someone could shed some light on a problem I have.

The Problem:
I have poor quality in my video capture. I capture the video and build\burn my DVD using Nero 7. The picture is perfect when the camera is still, but when panning over something like a beach, the picture becomes blocky, almost like a strobe effect. Also happens when the camcorder is still and filming an object that is moving, like a baby in a swing. I have tried to play the DVD in several different DVD players and it has happened on every one.

The Hardware\Software:
I have a Sony DCR-SR80 (Harddrive) camcorder. Capturing my video using the software provided by Sony onto my laptop via USB as the laptop is almost 4 years old and has no Firewire ports. As I said before I am using Nero 7 with all the settings set to high quality. I have tried burning at slower speeds (4x, 8x...) but no change.

Other info:
When playing from the camcorder direct on the TV the picture is perfect. When playing the raw files on the PC using Windows Media Player, during motion the picture becomes wavy, which I would expect since that would mean itís interlaced, which is what I want (right? I may be confused about that here).
Anyway not that worried about PC playback as long as I can get it right on the TV.

Itís a pretty substantial block effect to the point where it almost makes me motion sick, and I'm not the queasy type. Would not being able to use the Firewire be the reason, or something else? Any ideas would be most appreciated since I have spent 3 weeks on this and have not been able to determine a cause.

Thanks a bunch, Jason