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Thread: Royalty-Free 3D Motion Globes

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    Default Royalty-Free 3D Motion Globes

    I'd thought I let everybody know that my new website offering Royalty-free Animated 3D Globe sequences has been launched.

    Here's the link:


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    hey man thx a lot ...... its really a cool one to add to our works...............


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    Sweet! Some good quality photos of the world from space which show the UK!

    Ive had real problems finding a view of the earth with the UK on it, most of them only have N.America and S.America.


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    looks real good. i like that there are many different styles that would suit different type of sites. we're building a new site, i'll throw this in the team meeting ans see if we would use it.

    what i think is cool too is that we could use it to create stills of the globe with a specific region in the center. too many maps/globes have only usa or europe in the center.

    good site. good link. thanks.

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    You can also look at Videocopilot Andrew Kramer has an After Effects Tutorial on how to make your own. He even gives you the map as a download.

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