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Thread: Mixing audio tracks of different tempos...

  1. Question Mixing audio tracks of different tempos...

    Not really a video-related question, but it's Vegas related...

    I need to mix two audio tracks together. One is the original, and one is a remix. The remix was made with a faster tempo than the original... So my question is, how do I mix two tracks together that differ in tempo without them sounding off?


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    Not being a Paid-Up Muso whatever I say next .. well . .

    You can SQUASH - make it faster - or STRETCH - make it slower - Audio, in Vegas, WITHOUT the pitch changing.

    Is that what you want to do?


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    I'm not entirely sure what I want to do exactly, other than make the two tracks fit together without sounding out of sync.


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    It's a bit of an art, it depends entirely on the two pieces of music. Sometimes a straight cut works.

    Another trick is to use another track (usually something without a strong beat) to mask the mix.

    The other consideration is the pace and content of the video, as that can help smooth the join.

    I'd be happy to look at the tracks for you, if you wanted.


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