I constantly have clips that wont load properly. Here are the general variations:

1. Video loads, but audio doesn't. I've gathered there's a total rejection of XVID files, but why?

And in general why is it so buggy about loading clips? If Media Player etc can open whatever clip then why does Vegas reject them without even trying to open them?

2. Audio loads, but video doesn't.

3. Both video and audio load, but the time is mismatched between the 2 and readjusting them to an equal duration that also matches up right in real-time is very painstaking and endlessly timeconsuming. This one generally happens with longer duration clips.

If there's no basic fix to increase compatability I imagien there's a good functioning convertor that's best for making Vegas friendly output files? I'm sure most of you have tried finding etc video tools and had to go thru dozens of programs that dont work whatsoever. I sometimes have some luck with "RADTools", but it can be buggy too. Too often I end up just using "Fraps", which does a raw capture of the video overlay, but in its uncompressed format the files are enourmous.