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Thread: Sound once loaded with the clips, but loads no more

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    Default Sound once loaded with the clips, but loads no more

    Hello, today I was trying to open up a VEG from some work I had done several months ago. For some strange reason most of the AUDIO with the clips inside it simply wont load and say "offline". The clips from one of the sources still come up, but several others do not. Perhaps this could be codec issue? If so I don't know how the existing codecs got zapped.

    This is my first post at this forums so if there's standard info I should be posting with qustions like this please do socialize me

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    VEG as in Sony Vegas project file. Also, it says "Media Offline", not merely "offline" as I said before.

    I tried reinstalling all of my codec packs and no results. I've tested the source files and the audio works in a normal player. I know the audio was all working before as i spent weeks working on everything.

    The work is very important documentary work that I've been forced to put off for several months because it hit a point where the computing resources needed to render everything exceeded my the tranisition POS PC I had at the time. Now I finally have my long awaited powerhouse system completed and my mostly prepared video is 'lost'.

    Perhaps I need to reinstall windows XP? I really should, but it'll take me a week to get everything the way i need it again so I'm reluctant.

    Also, initially when it wasn't working this time at first it was before i hooked up my SB Audigy card, and was using the MB's pretty decent onboard. When the sound didn't work i assumed it was because Vegas wanted the SB card plugged back in, but doing so hasn't changed a thing.

    Can anybody give me any sort of clue about this, please?
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    Alright so I used GSpot to sniff one of the affected source files and it said " 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3".

    Google brought up this site
    0x0055 - MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) - Codec Library
    which then links to saying this:
    "MPEG Layer 3 (Elecard)
    This uses LAME 3.88 beta MPEG Layer III encoding engine.
    More Information located at - mp3dev .

    Which didn't make it work. I think I even already had LAME. I have almost 500 codecs installed.

    One detail I didn't mention is that even when I try to drop the source file in anywhere it immediately shows the video but not the audio. Knee-Jerk. I encounter this sort of thing when trying to load things all the time but this time it was working before with the now non-working files.

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    From what I've read, you may have resulted in CODEC wars. CODECS have this unfortunate side effect in that they start fighting for supremacy.

    I'm not CODEC "enabled" myself to give you any further assistance.



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