I have purchased a PVP10 (Telefunken TM420) http://www.suga.com.hk/suga_inter/pd...-PVP10_Nov.pdf

The thing is no matter what conversion program i use it always comes up with invalid avi
The thing came with some small program called Mp4 file converter r1 and it needs divx to be installed as well as virtualdub, ifollowed the instructions and even installed the version listed in the manual but all it does is create a zero size file that wont do nothing.

Ive downloaded countless conversion programs and converted to lots of different avi settings. As it only wants avi type files.
Can anyone assist ?

Thanks in advance Darkat

Here is some info of a movie i captured from TV with the record function

DivX DRF Analyzer v0.9.5 Report!
File Name: C:\temp\MOV0001.AVI
Codec: DIVX
Resolution: [ Width: 320 Height: 240 ]
Frame Rate: 20.000 frames per second
The Video has 898 frames [ 00:00:44 ]

Average Frame quality is LOW [Average DRF/quantizer is 5.26]
Standard Deviation: Quality is MEDIUM [Std. Deviation is 1.23]
Image Resolution is LOW

There are NO frame drops ( NO drops is better )
This video may have some frames with VERY POOR Quality!

Recomended Resolution: [224x160] (Target DRF/quantizer=2.
The filesize should be larger!

Performance Caracteristics:
This video seems to have too FEW Keyframes. May degrade image quality and seeking.
Macroblocks per frame: 300
The Width is multiple of 32

Kilobits per Second: 1701.97
Kilobits per Frame: 83.39
Kilobits per Macroblock: 0.278
Bits per Pixel: 1.11

Frame Type Statistics :
I Frames: 20.04%
P Frames: 79.96%
B Frames: 0.00%
S Frames: 0.00%
N Frames: 0.00%
(More Advanced Codecs use B and S frames)
Frame Quality Statistics :

DRF=1&2: 0 0.0%
DRF=3: 0 0.0%
DRF=4: 264 29.4%
DRF=5: 383 42.7%
DRF=6: 90 10.0%
DRF=7: 83 9.2%
DRF=8: 74 8.2%
DRF=9: 4 0.4%
DRF>9: 0 0.0%
KeyF/DeltaF: 0.00%
KeyDRF<4: 0
KeyDRF=4: 0
KeyDRF>4: 0

AverageKeyDRF: -1.#J
AverageDRF: 5.26
Deviation: 1.23