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    Smile Pls Help

    Hey im using Sony Vegas 7.0 to eddit my movies are really good i guess and other people i asked say the same...but i'm from Austria and i normaly speak i have the english Vegas version and i want to ask YOU how i can slow down a clip...pls help me
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    Right click on a clip -->
    Insert/Remove Envelope -->

    A green line will appear on the video clip. At the strat of the line there is a point. You can drag this up and down or you can right click on it & give it a specific % value.

    You can also add points by double clicking the green line or right clicking on it at any part and adding a point.

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    Default thx

    Thank you for help =)
    I will post a Link to one of my movies as soon as possible
    -=Eulogy for All=-


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