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Thread: Need help re hardware/software issue

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    Default Need help re hardware/software issue

    Not sure if i'm posting this in the right place but hope so.

    I have a Sony DCR-TRV19E digital handycam, I also have windows vista. The computer keeps saying it can't find a driver, even though I installed the CD that came with the camera. I checked out Sony's site and there is no upgrade yet for this driver or the ImageMixer software that comes with it.

    I phoned Sony and they said I needed to use a third party software to upload the film from my camera to my pc but they were not 'obliged' to tell me which software i needed. I asked them to give me a hint as to what I should be searching for and he said video streamer or video burner. I've tried this and there are too many to chose from and I'm now confused.

    Can someone tell me what it is I need to do in order to be able to plug my camera into my pc, for my pc to recognise it then for me to be able to copy the information from the tape in the camera to a CD or DVD (or even if this in itself is possible).

    Sony said it would probably be at least six months before a compatible driver was brought out. Do I need a driver in order to be able to use software. Am very uneducated in this area. All I know is that at this precise moment i have a digital camera with tapes full of stuff that I can't copy.

    Any help/suggestions/advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance. TravelBug

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    You want to transfer video to your PC for editting right?

    For that you do not need any drivers. You need a firewire (or i-Link) lead and then your video editting s/w can simply take control of your camera and you can capture the footage.

    If Vista is anything like XP then it comes with a video editor pre-installed, Windows Movie maker. I've never used it and have no idea if you can cut DVDs with it but you should be able to capture your footage with it.

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    Hi, I have a USB cable that is connecting the camera to the computer, but it keeps asking for a driver and saying it can't detect one.

    What i'm hoping to do is be able to upload the video from the tape onto my computer then burn it onto DVD or CD to watch either via the pc or the tv in order to free up the tapes. Not sure if that is even possible but am hoping so.

    On the Sony website it says you don't need drivers for the later window editions but they haven't got anything yet to make it compatible with Vista.

    Am completely stuck, not sure what software I need on my pc, as the software that came with the camera ImageMixer apparently doesn't work on Vista. Thanks for yoru response.

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    I;ve seen this same question in another post and the answer is still the same. You need to transfer via firewire not USB.

    Why they always supply USB lead and not firewire is beyond me but this si the case. Your problems will simply not go away until you start connecting vie a firewire lead to a firewire port.

    As an example. I have the TRV-33E which is pretty muchthe same camera right? The disk that came with the camera has simply NEVER hit my PC drive. No drivers are necessary. If you do manage to capture via USB the quality will be lower also.

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    Thanks will look into the firewire side of things

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    Default usb driver for DCR-TRV19E for Vista

    sorry for my bad english iīm a german.
    I have follow Problem. I used my Sony DCR_TRV19E Camcorder as WEBCAM over the USB wire. Now i installed Windows Vista and the Computer donīt regonized the camcorder because i donīt have the usb driver. Sony says on the Phone that we donīt need the driver because i can use ilink or firewire. But over firewire i canīt use the camcorder as webcam. Who can help me?

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    Your English is just fine. Better than some native speakers we get on here

    This Sone web page says, sadly, that USB streaming is simply not supported on Vista and I read it as though they do not intend to support it in the future either. Sorry.

    Sony Europe Customer Support Portal

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    Hi, I overcame this problem by using the option to install my software using an older version of windows. I did this by using the right hand mouse button and clicking on the driver on the CD then under compatibility option chose an older version of windows such as windows 98. It then worked and allowed me to install the driver. Not sure if any of this makes sense.

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