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Thread: Split footage into segments on screen

  1. Default Split footage into segments on screen


    Is it possible to split clips into different segments just like this clip on You Tube.

    The segments slightly change where one clip is split over 2 or 3 segments and sometimes each segment has different clips.

    I know different clips for each segment can be done with Track Motion, but I don't know how to have the same clip playing on different segments. Hope that makes sense.


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    Just duplicate the track and use track motion. If you would like me to do a screencast for you I will.

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    Hi Gord

    Do you mean having the same clip twice on the time line. Using Track motion to shrink/fit the clips and put into position and just making sure the tracks are in sync?


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    Yes, that's exactly what Gordon means. And syncing them is easy with the snapping features within Vegas. Hint - copy the event you need duplicated to another track then use Group (select both events and press G) to group them together - then when you move one along the timeline the other will move with it.

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    OK, thanks Tim I've now got the grouping.

    The only thing I'm not sure about now is eg. Lets say theres just two clips playing and the bottom half contains someones legs and the top half contains the body arms and head etc

    In an attempt I had the same clip twice. Clip one I used Cookie cutter to take away the persons legs, and in Clip two I used Cookie cutter to take away the body, head and arms.

    I used track motion to position the clips close together and used grouping so the timing was in sync.

    The result was sort of what I was after, but is there another way to do this?


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    Hmmmmm . ..

    I have been giving this much THUNK over the past 24 hours. I have been here before, with my own projects. And yes, TM is a way to "move" lumps of video around the frame. And yes if you want to Crop and then re-align ANOTHER track using TM, this CAN be done. But, but, but . . this is not, for my money, a flexible, intuitive and singularly coherent and cogent way of going about this - IMO. Plus I wouldn;t get to the FUN part of properly sequencing the complete video, as I would be more concerend with the "function" rather than the "form" - read here IMPACT on the viewer!

    OK, let's "deconstruct" just exactly what is wanted here:

    1] - An ability to display several moving images through a type of grid. ( now there's a hint!)

    2] - An ability to EASILY and INTUITIVELY select, choose, slot-in, sequence and "float" segments of disconnected and out of sequence footage at any given time. ( hmmmm, there's that grid thing again? )

    3] - An option to have "white" bars, purposefully designating/determining one segment from another. ( . . bit like a GRID?)

    4] - A further option to "call-up" what segments of what footage when and where wanted.

    5] - And DEFINITELY an ability NOT requiring the need to sync "now" disassociated footage so that they reappear as being in-sync - that's the TM use and re-syncing so that torsos and legs are .. well .. re-associated again!

    So .. . this is what I've come up with. And in its SIMPLEST form for just 2 Tracks of Shot Footage:

    A] Use a PARENT Mask that determines what is seen of the CHILD Track - here read Compositing Mode> Multi(Mask) - find this in the Track Header

    B] Use a SOLID White GenMed in PARENT Track and create Multiple Pan/Crop MASKS to allow CHILD track Media to appear through. If more complex Pan/Crop Masks are needed - make 'em!!

    C] Repeat for a lower Track Parent/Child Combo.

    D] To Provide "WHITE" separation bars/lines between footage place a Solid GenMed on the lowest Track

    So, to recap:

    T1 - SOLID GenMed WHITE. Pan/Crop Bezier "Masks" created. Track Set as Multiple Mask. Parent to T2

    T2 - Footage "A". Set/Indented as Child to T1

    T3 - SOLID GenMed WHITE. Pan/Crop Bezier "Masks" created. Track Set as Multiple Mask. Parent to T4

    T4 - Footage "B". Set/Indented as Child to T3

    T5 - Solid WHITE GenMed - this gives a white background to whole project, and HERE that means the WHITE bars of the grid!

    Now, what ALL this means is that we now have a GRIDDED-up, FLEXIBLE and CONTROLABLE methiod of sequencing, complex and sync-able footage.

    Once this is developing I can also:

    * "Copy" already made Pan/Crop MASKED Solid Gen/Med Events along the Timeline, adjust the Pan/Crop MASKS and start experimenting with other involved ways of bring even MORE footage into play

    * Invert Pan/Crop MASKED Grids to create interplays with maybe a Track5+6 . .Track 7+8 . .T x+y . .as long as I've got at the bottommost Track a SOLID WHITE Gen/Med, I will have White Grid Bars.

    Now there's a thought?!?!? Change that lowest Gen/Med to another colour and you've got a different coloured Grid Bars!!

    Please note well: there is Composite MASK and there is Pan/Crop (Bezier) MASK-ing - not the same thing!

    . . . . If you have got THIS far, well done!!



    (ps: I REALLY DO need to get out more?!?? )

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    V. interesting grazie!
    I've been playing with your technique all day but problem is T1 & T2 ( on the top) is covering T3 & T4 (below). If you look at the very beginning of stickyfeets Utube link I am having difficulty putting a completely different piece of vid in top right box.

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    Wow Grazie great post.

    I've just got in from work but will give this a try tomorrow


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    Jeez, Grazie, that caused my brain some real hurt trying to figure out what you were proposing. However, once I was home & able to fire up Vegas, dropped a clip on track 2 and made that a Mask(Multi) child of a white GenMed AND started to play around with Pan&Crop all became immediately clear.
    I can begin to see there are real advantages to doing it this way - though I feel I've only scratched the surface.

    Great tip.

    And Yooser, I diidn't suffer your problem. You have turned "Stretch to fill frame" off on the parent track Pan&Crop mask, haven't you?

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    And Tim, this is my attempt at getting to the "sweet-spot" in Vegas. Often there are other solutions that kinda allow us to mimic what we want to do. However, sometimes .. just sometimes I kinda get close to just how this s/w gives up the Crown Jewels?

    Tim, if you wanna share Veggies I'm up for that.

    Cheers! And thanks everyone for your kind words.


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