Some background. Am running a Dell P4, 2.0ghz with 1ghz ram with plenty of HD (probably 150gig free). Am running Roxio media creator V7. Have had no problem in the past taking short 20second-to-5 minute snippets of video, putting them together, adding music and making movies. Kids do it all the time for school projects.

Have to edit recruiting DVD's for college recruiters for a daughter. Took about 16 hours of 8MM tape, converted to DVD with a Panasonic VHS/DVD unit, connecting camcorder directly into the front jacks. Results look fine, DVD runs well on TV and on computer in Windows Media Player V.10.

Copied the DVD file (MPEG-2) format to the hard drive and it completely locks up Roxio VideoWave when attempting to play the video, right after loading. Forget any editing, doesn't even get that far. Doesn't post error message, actually just drops out to the desktop, and asks if I want to send an error message.

I'm obviously new to this"larger" scale video processing. here's my question...Before I spend endless nights over the next week tinkering with memory settings, defragging, checking video card drivers, DVD drivers, etc, I fooling myself. Am I trying to do the impossible. I'd rather avoid all the tinkering if 1gig ram (that's all my motherboard will accept), or Roxio won't handle it. I am willing to buy new software if something is better...and I have another computer downstairs that will accept 2gig ram, (BUT) it has video on Motherboard, not separate card. In summary, from someone more I trying to do the impossible with this computer or this software? Sorry for the long post and thanks to all who share their experience here...