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    Dear All,

    I've set-up a PC editing system at home, working on Avid Xpress.

    My Graphics card has dual DVI and TV out, so i've hooked up 2 not very expensive TFT monitors to edit with. It was what i could afford at the time! The problem is that my footage looks really different on the PC monitors to a TV. I've seen the same issues on the edit suite i use at work, but that has a professional sony monitor hooked up to it, so you can view what it will actually look like on output.

    My question is what kind of output monitor should i get for home (budget) use. Will an LCD tv that i can put on a bracket on the wall be better than my current PC screens and can i output just what i see in the composer window onto this tv. Secondly how do i wire it up? At work we have the usual routers etc. Can i just come straight out of the tv out on the graphics card and into the back of an LCD TV?

    I can work the software, but with hardware I'm at a loss! I'm still using a PD170 camera to input footage, so i don't have a deck yet either to route in and out of.

    any advice appreciated.


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    You wont be able to use the tv out of the graphics card - best result is to use your camera as a deck and set Avids output to that then take a composit feed from that into a monitor.
    alternativley get the full on AVID haddware card whcih will have full component leads out but will cost a pretty penny

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