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    I'm interested in finding out something about Adobe Premiere Elements 3. Is there a specific forum for it?

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    Just the one your posting in, unless you mean the actual adobe support forum

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Many thanks, I had found Adobe but also found it was impenetrable for a novice. This forum looks good so I hope that it will allow me to impose upon the good wiill of its members to pick their brains.
    My situation is as follows: I am fairly new to video editing and for the last few months I have been attempting to use Pinnacle Studio 10.7 and it is driving me mad as it regularly freezes, crashes and slows to a snails pace so I want to find a replacement.
    I have a couple of thousand digital photographs and an equal amount of 35mm colour slides and black and white photographs that I intend to sort out, scan and build into slide shows and burn to DVDs as that they can be viewed on a TV more conveniently.
    I want to build full page text/title pages, place titles on individual photographs, add music and voice over's and use chapter menus so that the DVDs can be navigated when played on a TV.
    If I live long enough to do that I also have a large amount of family VHD videos that I want to get onto my computer, edit the rubbish out of, add full page titles, music and voice overs, create menu/chapters and burn to DVDs.
    I have leant to use the basics of Pinnacle Studio 10.7 but as I said I have become very frustrated with its faults so before I waste any money I want to find out if Adobe Premiere Elements can meet my not very ambitous better than Pinnacle Studio 10.7

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    I was you a few months back!

    I had exactly the same problems, and some of the same needs.

    Premier Elements is, in my opinion much easier to use, much more stable, and much more powerful.

    Making slideshows is actually a breeze.

    I bought the bundled Premier Elements and Photoshop Elements package, and they work together very well to create slideshows.

    With a little practice you can do nice things like zoom and blur in on each still, and you can keyframe animate stuff quite easily too.

    Very good value for money.

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