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    Default Noobie vidoes

    Ive just started making videos for our club. Just want to get any feedback from some people who know what they are doing, thing im doing wrong and right, stuff like that

    cheers peeps

    I have about 8 in total

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    You've made all the classic beginer mistakes.

    First thing to point out is that just because you can add an effect to a video, that doesn't mean you should. This applies mainly to the first video.

    The next point I'm going to make is that you are (as are most people) too attached to your footage. You need to be more lethal with your cuts. People don't want to see the same thing for longer than it takes to get the message across. Examples being the flaming exhaust in the first video, we see the flame, which is cool, then we see it again... then again..... and again... and then a few more times, all from the same angle. In the ghostie video we watch an empty car park for a few seconds, then a random bike crossing in front of the camera before the quad actually appears. This kind of stuff can all be cut out. (it's also a good idea to let people know when you're recording so they don't cut infront of you in the first place)

    This kind of trick riding has the potential to make a really good fast paced video, and you have some good footage, you just need to practice your selection, and cutting of it.
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    thats some very helpful information thankyou. I will be recording some more footage on friday. So I will take what you have said into account when recording and editing
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    looking at your videos mosh id say that yours arnt the best. At least hi are intereting and are something different. For one that quotes on his video "i am modern man, feel my chin" you cant exactly give any opinion on why this video isnt good.

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