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    I have a couple of concerns about presenting a wedding DVD which I would like feedback on.

    1. How long should the edited wedding DVD (ceremony to first dance) expect to be?

    2. Do you all label your discs because in my experience DVD players have trouble reading discs that have labels on? - they also don't last as long.

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    How long should the DVD be? I see two lines of though here so maybe the best option is to build both into your DVD. Have it not too long. Half hour max because after you've watched it a time or two it will become hard work watching two hours or it. However, if the DVD included service and all speaches then how can it be less than a couple of hours????

    As to labels. here's where I can really offer advice. Do not EVER put a sticky label on a DVD you burn yourself. NOT EVER!!!! The smallest of air bubbles or misalignment of the label can (and often will) change the balance of the disk and stop it playing completely. Also, they look cheap. What you need to do is buy some printable DVD-Rs (perhaps even glossy printables) and get yourself a printer than can print straight into them. Let the print dry and then give them a quick spray with a can of fixative. Perfect and look very proffessional.

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    I would have agree with Alan, It all depends on what the couple wants, The bride usualy wants a long form video 1 hour+ and the groom a short form 20-30 min max. Its the bride that usualy wins though.

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