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    I am looking for advice on a digital camcorder with the following requirements.....

    Background info: I capture a lot a video using a SONY camcorder using DV cassettes and currently have to use a Adobe Premier to capture/convert it onto a computer this process currently takes too long.

    I need the camera to capture images like they do, but I dont want to spend time having to capture from a dv cassette which converts it into a digital format like mpg etc to put it onto a computer with software. I would like a camera that I can plug into a computer(or use External Flash Memory) and just download a file quickly for example which can then be automatically played through media player/real player etc. The images need to be of PAL size or higher.

    I am not bothered if it does stills but assume that the cameras nowadays mostly do that anyway.

    Could you recommend a camcorder for this task...

    I may need to purchase some other editing software as well but the main task is to first get a camera.

    Many thanks for any Help!


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    If you're looking for a quick way to import footage onto your computer, miniDV would not be the right way to go, as you have stated.

    I know of a pretty decent HD camcorder by the Aiptek company that is selling for relatively cheap.
    GO-HD - 720P High Definition Camcorder: Aiptek Shop

    The only thing it lacks on is sound, the sound is a little sub-par but for around $300 for an HD camcorder, that's a total steal!
    And it is also universal signal. It has an NTSC and PAL signal so any TV around the world would work for it.

    Also the ZR850 from Canon has an SD input for shooting video however I do not know of its capability and quality.

    I'm still a strong user of miniDV because with SD and hard drive camcorders, they compress their footage and when editing you can see the compression artifacts show up and it just has a tendency to have a less professional feel to it.

    Tell me, are you importing footage via USB or Firewire?

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    Thanks for replying... The footage would be imported by using a firewire connection.

    I can understand the compression loss because i have seen some from a small sanyo device similar to your suggested item... you can certainly tell the difference between that and one which had been captured from miniDV.

    Money is not important here as i shall be getting my work to pay for it anyway... but obviously they have a budget of around 2k... so it could be a good one.

    Are the HDD ones any good???
    can you copy them straight to the computer??? ie removable device with number of files on it to copy???



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    A HDD camera is ort of what youwant but I wouldn't recommend it.

    I suggest get yourself a miniDV camcorder and also something like a Firestore to record to. i.e. bypass the tape mechanism and record to an attached hard drive. This way you will effectively record an uncompressed video stream and not an MPEG2 stream as you would with a 'traditional' HDD camcorder. Plus, you can get high def versiosn and maybe can convince your company to get you a 'real' camcorder.

    Or, if you do all your work in a studio or office environment record the stream (using something like Adobe's INLocation??) straight to a laptop.

    Either way, I still think miniDV is your best bet as far as camera in concerned.

    Just my 2p

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