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Thread: Jagged lines in finished render

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    Default Jagged lines in finished render

    Ive about a year experience in vid editing and rendering. This web site has been a huge help.
    I render with WMV9 at about 1meg useing the vegas default template and up the bit rate to attempt higher vid quality.
    I notice that in the finished vid that when the camera pans from side to side or up and down you can see jagged edges on almost all images.

    Here are 2 examples

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    That looks pretty normal for highly compressed video.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Hmmm... I'd be looking at my deinterlace preparation method.

    It would appear that you are seeing the 2 fields of interlaced media. You will notice that this is ONLY visible on moving items or where you are MOVING the camera - same thing!

    Basically, our cameras videoing in 25fps, are in actual fact capturing 2 fields of information. That's 50 fields every second, and at some point these fields need to be interlaced to produce smooth edges. Now, if we then produce a rendered file format that is not prepared to REDUCE this interlacing - a deinterlace method - then these fields will become stubbornly apparent. This I believe is exactly what you have here.

    The site below is very useful, please read it and consider to render a de-interlaced file!

    What is deinterlacing? The best method to deinterlace movies


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    Thanks sooooo much man!

    That link is great.

    I just needed to utilize the interpolation option on the time line template. Lines are gone!

    I attempted render with a DVD arcithecture compliant codec and got interlaceing......but the codec menu has its own option to interpolate, so thats handled too.

    Huge help you are my friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris10362 View Post
    Huge help you are my friend
    Now go tell my Bank Manager!

    But seriously, Chris, a lot of people often need to get the basics under their belt with this stuff - I'm still learning - but this interlace and deinterlace understanding is often side-stepped. And yet it is at the HEART of what we do. YEah?

    I'm real glad you found that site helpful. It is well written with NOT a little humour too. I like that!!


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