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Thread: Video shows in stripes when capturing

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    Default Video shows in stripes when capturing

    Hi! I have to confess I'm a newbie when it comes to video capture, I never tried it before. My family bought a Canon hv20 and used HDVsplit to capture the camera contents. The thing is that the image gets stripes all over it, and I don't know how to edit the video the right way to get rid of those irritant stripes that mess up the video... Here's an image that shows what I'm talking about

    Can you tell me what's the problem and show me the right way to solve this? thanks!

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    Perfectly normal I'm afraid. This is simply a case opf viewing an interlaced image on a non-interlaced device i.e. your PC monitor.

    Whether it is a problem to you depends entirely on how you intend to 'deliver' your final video.

    If you intend to create a DVD to play on a TV (an interlaced device) then leave it as it is because it will look fine on a TV. If you intent to post on the web then when you've done with your editting and are making your final export then tick whatver 'de-interlace' option(s) you have to remove this combing effect.
    Discussed a mountain of times before so search the forusm for a more complete answer.

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    Ohhh, so it will show ok on a tv... I see! So I was worried for nothing! :p Thanks! And if I want to post something on youtube, I already know what magic keyword I must search for: interlace. Thanks a million!

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