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Thread: Upgrade from 5 year old JVC?

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    Default Upgrade from 5 year old JVC?

    I have a mini-dv JVC camcorder over 5years old and I think it's time to replace it.I film our holidays and family/pets and then edit on my old PC.should I stick with the tapes or go for hard drive,I am still leaning towards tapes so I can always buy more on holiday if I need more footage but has quality move on much?.I spent about 500 back in 2001,what do I need to spend to get as good or better quality?

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    Good question Andy and you'll b e glad you asked because....

    hard Drive camcorder store compressed video and MiniDV tape cameras effectively store uncompressed footage. That may or may not actually mean much to you but the difference is that you intend to edit your movies. As such you want uncompressed video. If you decide you want to edit video stpored on a hard drive camcorder then it will likely be MPEG2 format you have. As such quality has already been lost. You will need to convert this back to a lossless format (AVI?) before you can comfortably edit it) So by the time you are editting you have already lost quality.

    The bottom line is... stick with the miniDV tape camera if you intend to edit. By all means get yoursaefl a nicer/better camera but don't change format. if you dfo the quality of your work will not only decrease but it will take you longer to do it too.

    For the same reason, do not even consider a camera that records to those small DVD disks either.

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    Bought myself a DVD disk camcorder, it lasted a whole five hours before I returned that piece of junk. DVD camcorders are absolutely worthless for decent use. Their VCR capability to transfer to a PC is subpar, it compresses the footage like crazy. It just looks like junk in general and you can't forget about the writing errors you could receive. If there is a finalizing writing error, it ruins the ENTIRE disk, so all of that footage you could have got with a miniDV would be aimlessly tossed out a window. I mean if you're going to be using a DVD camcorder, it may as well just be used simply to store memories onto and not be used at all for editing. However do take into consideration that there does exist DVD rot and with DVD-R it's pretty common. I get an average of 5-8 years before it gets unusable. If this is the case and you want memories to be stored for a long time to come, I'd say go the old way and use a VHS, or VHS-C camcorder they have a much longer life span and can take are much more hearty. MiniDV does not have as long as a life span as VHS by the way (I've got a 21 year old VHS and still works today with little to no loss of quality).

    So I agree, stick with the miniDV, they're more durable, they last longer and are easier to edit, above all there is no compression. =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by RET80 View Post
    I get an average of 5-8 years before it gets unusable.
    Do you? You had a DVD burner back in the 90's?? lol

    I'm more than happy to accept the figures but I wonder how you know when DVD burners have not been around that long - so far as I know.

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    Well CDs earlier and then DVDs to be exact.
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