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    Hey everybody i entered in a video contest to stay true to john woo the film director and we had to make an action scene out of a movie so i did that and i was kinda able to make it into a short movie. It didn't make the finals but hey it was my first try doing it action style.

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    That was pretty good, I would watch your framing though some of it seem a bit off. I know you were not filming but you were directing, some times its hard to do both acting and directing. Good job though!

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    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Your telling me hehe but hey i want to work on both my directing and acting. I'm just trying to carry my friends through the story because they are still inexperienced. I'm not saying i'm a pro but i have experience thats all.
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    I thought the film was quite good. The action sequences were very well paced. The acting needed some work but your directing helped greatly in the actors overall outcome. As Chapman mentioned, the framing and timing of some shots needed some work (I felt I missed out on some parts of the action on 1 or 2 shots). The editing was good. You kept the film moving at a good pace and cut out anything that would have taken away from it keeping the viewer interested. There were some very nice slow motion and close up shots. The effects were well placed and not overdone. I particularly enjoyed the firing of the weapons, the sounds and muzzle flashes were great. The background music worked well with the film. Good job.
    I have a few Questions?.

    1. What editing program did you use?
    2. What effects program did you use? (especially for the muzzle flashes)
    3. Where did you get the sounds for the weapons.
    4. How long did it take to shoot and edit to final film?
    5. Where were the flying white doves? Just kidding.

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    I thoguht it was a bit strage how a bullet hit some leaves and went twang like it hit metal or stone. Might be better to remove that sound effect.
    Also, I felt that the colours were a little too bleached out. Over all it wasnt too bad, I liked the gun effects for the machine gun.

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